kiiras nevezes palya rajt ertesito eredmeny
Entry deadline:
Monday 19-05-2008
Entry fees:

M/F 21E, 21BR, 35, 40, 45; M 50, 55: 1500 HUF / event
M/F 14, 18; open: 1000 HUF / event

Application or modification after deadline, but before drawing (21 May) +500 HUF / event,
Application or modification after drawing (22 May)
+1000 HUF / event, only in the case of empty spaces.
Entry address:

Mátyás Paskuj
6724 Szeged
Makkoserdő sor 9.
Tel/fax: +36-62-468-875
E-mail: paskuj@maccabi.hu
SMS: +36-20-952-1022
Please give the following details: name of the club, racer's name, date of birth, category, the number of SPORTident.
Entries handed by e-mail will be confirmed in three days.
If it does not happan, please send the entry once again.

Further information: Mátyás Paskuj
Phone: +36-20-952-1022
E-mail: paskuj@maccabi.hu